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Will Ninety Minutes of Exercise Per Week Reduce My Risk of Heart Attack

Will Ninety Minutes of Exercise Per Week Reduce My Risk of Heart Attack? Australian Preventive Cardiologist Dr Tony Neaverson has invented a novel form of exercise, szukam opiekunki do osoby starszej z zamieszkaniem which he has termed “Neocardial Exercise”. At the Noosa Heart Prevention Clinic in Australia’s South Queensland he continues his work of over thirty years in the prevention of, and reduction in, atherosclerosis- the scourge of cardiac patients. Working in conjunction with Margaret Bermingham from the Department of Bio-science University of Sydney, they have demonstrated the fact that the “Bad Cholesterol” LDL comes in various particle sizes – from very small dense type B, to relatively speaking larger molecules Type A.

It is these Type B Dense particles which are particularly dangerous and atherogenic. Their work has shown that the ratio of serum triglyceride to HDL-cholesterol (the good one) correlates with the small dense type B particle in that, stancje do wynajęcia myszyniec if your ratio is greater than two, then all your LDL particles are small dense type B and you are a red hot candidate for a heart attack. Work in the Heart Disease Prevention centre has shown that by using “Neocardial Exercise” for periods of less than thirty minutes three times a week increases the HDL and reduced the triglyceride caused a highly significant reduction in the ratio in both 145 Primary (p=0.008) and 143 Secondary Prevention (p= 0.0007) patients.

This reduction was sufficient to reduce the ratio to Less then 2 in vast majority of patients within six weeks of commencing the exercise. They further showed that patients with the smallest particles had significantly greater increase in particle size than those who had the largest particles. This work was initially presented at an American Heart Association Meeting in Honolulu in 1993 in which other significant benefits after six weeks of this form of exercise were discussed. • Improved physical fitness – men improved by 22%.

Women by 33% Increasing physical fitness lowers the risk of death by 23% There is a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease Fitter people are also 3-6 times less likely to develop diabetes, high blood pressure and anonse radom wynajem mieszkania metabolic syndrome than those who are unfit • Lowering Blood Pressure – Both men and women significantly lower blood pressure. (P= Less then 0.0001). On average systolic fell 9mmHg, Diastolic 5mmHg This effect is greater in patients with hypertension (BP Greater then 140/80mmHg) Mean fall from 164mmHg systolic to 144mmHg p = Less then 0.0001 Mean fall from 94mmHg diastolic to 80mmHg p = Less then 0.0001 • Beginning Weight Loss – Significant reduction in Body Mass Index Without dietary restriction in obese or overweight p = Less then 0.0001 Changes in Traditional Biochemical Risk Factors: Total Cholesterol Primary Prevention High Risk – 10%* Low Risk – 4% Secondary Prevention High Risk -16%* Low Risk – 4% LDL cholesterol Primary Prevention High Risk -11%* Low Risk – 3% Secondary Prevention High Risk -9%* Low Risk – 3%

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