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Which NASCAR Driver Are You?

NASCAR originated within the Appalachian region of the United States. Through the illegal transport of alcohol, smugglers began to soup up their vehicles to outrun the legislation. Now one in all the largest sports on the planet, NASCAR’s humble and distinctive roots has grown entire and empire of drivers. Whether or not you strategy your commute like Richard Petty in the final leg of the Daytona 500 or you’re more of a Sunday driver in accordance with your children, this quiz will give you the identify of the NASCAR driver you may tell to ride shotgun.

Do you spend extra time within the locker room than hitting the books? Is your idea of a great time hanging out with your pals at the mall? The belongings you do at school and by yourself time make you who you might be, and they’ll inform you which high school group you belong in. From the upbeat class clown to the studious geek, there’s a type of high school scholar you can proudly classify your self as, however which one is it?

Finally, consider the Kawasaki Ninja H2, which Gizmag says is the fastest accelerating motorcycle ever [source: Hanlon]. It is a supercharged highway-worthy model of a earlier track-only model of the Ninja. Kawasaki’s conserving the Ninja H2’s prime velocity close to the vest, electric cars for sale however with 200 horsepower, it doubtless falls wanting our aforementioned contenders.

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