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Kaar Technologies Review An Overview Of The Activities Of The Company

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Chennai, India.

Kaar Technologies provides superior consulting services and enterprise solutions meeting the strategic objectives of customers across industry verticals. With offices in KSA, NL, US, Canada, UK and Singapore, Kaar is headed by a highly experienced motivated team of professionals.

With special focus in SAP ECC and SAP Netweaver, Kaar is involved in every stage from implementation to completion. Exceptional functional and technical expertise in SAP coupled with extensive industry experience makes Kaar the ideal choice for enterprise applications.

Kaar – The Technology Leader

Kaar always believed in its strengths and worked towards pioneering the SAP consulting segment.The company demonstrated its technical capabilities at SAP Tech Ed DemoJam and won 2nd place by competing against other industry giants. A wide spread network makes it possible for Kaar to serve its customers and clients in a plausible manner. All this, along with the extreme support and contribution of its employees has catapulted Kaar to its position today.

Kaar – Towards Employee Empowerment

Understanding the needs of the employees and catering to it has been the primary responsibility at Kaar.Few essential check points would help in ascertaining the type of working atmosphere prevailing at Kaar Technologies. Every individual is valued and recognized at work and every achievement is rewarded. Kaar ensures that every employee is satisfied with promotions, increments and compensation structures that exceed the industry standards.

A recent survey conducted at Kaar, revealed that the level of satisfaction of the employees at Kaar was above par.

Key areas covered in the survey were Team Work, Company, Policies & Procedures, Career Development, etc and more than 80% of the workers responded positively. Apart from the employee friendly policies, Kaar also provides elite space for its employees to learn and to grow.

This financial year, every associate were allocated 3-5 man-days for training and a separate budget was allocated to provide the same.

Kaar- Impeccable Contribution Towards The Society

Remarkable and non-stop contribution to the society at large has endowed them a platform to depict their impeccable moral image amidst others.Mr. Maran Nagarajan, CEO of Kaar envisions building an organization with a foundation of strong ethical practice, and a growth with commitment to social causes.

With their versatile team of volunteers, Kaar technologies Pvt Ltd India is able to partake in multiple social activities.

Their visit to shelter home, a home for HIV affected kids, and their participation in reading session for visually impaired, visit to “WE CAN”, a school for Autism Kids, Independence Day celebration was planned and organized at a school in a village. They conducted speech competition, essay writing competition, fancy dress competition and many other such social activities.

They seized immense pleasure in helping those kids.

Accomplishing its vision of being a technological Leader, empowering employees and catering to its responsibility towards the society, SpeedyPaper Discount Kaar continues to grow farther and further, not only in India but also across the globe.The company's management has broader future plans of expanding to a larger spectrum and it has already started expanding its infrastructure in order to accommodate its future requirements

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